I was truly amazed to see that only “Naive. Super” by the Norwegian writer Erlend Loe had been translated into English. What about the amazing “Doppler”, and wonderfully witty “Mixing Part”, “Gone With the Woman” and “Fvonk”? I can’t say that I’m too often proud of anything Serbian, but the fact that our publishing house “Geopoetika” has published almost all of Mr. Loe’s books, shows there are some remnants of the great Serbian cultural tradition persistent in its struggle to survive, thanks to a few people with good taste.

Anyone who’s NOT read anything by Erlend Loe: get to it fast. He’s one of the most humorous, freshest voices I’ve found in the past few years. From Doppler who leaves his cozy, rich life and family to run away to the woods and befriend a young moose, to a dramatist who dreams of finding REAL THEATER in small things and becoming famous (in the meantime fantasizing about a popular British TV cook, Nigella Lawson, and contributing to ending his marriage), his characters are funny, lonely, sweet, in love with Nature, in hate with capitalism and the materialistic approach to life.

I just can’t stress enough how witty he is. Great humor in books is almost as good as chocolate.


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