Browsing through literary blogs, I met this wonderful Australian writer, miss Shannon McKeogh. She has done some quite impressive writing already, and she’s not even thirty (I guess this “thirty” has been a thorn in my eye for four years now :))

Shannon was kind enough to let me post an article on her blog, Freedom Tights. The post is about a book I read a few years ago that completely shook me; I’ve never read anything like it before or since. It’s called “The Notebook”, by a Hungarian author Agota Kristof, and I remember it came highly recommended by a friend, Marija Vukosavljevic, who owns a lovely publishing house, Odiseja.

If you want to find out what it is about “The Notebook” that makes it so special, read here.

Also, thanks to the exposure on Shannon’s blog, now I have my very own first blog follower, ebbielee from Quirky and Curious, whose blog I’m in the process of discovering and enjoying.

Ok, on to a very nice and shiny new day…