trkaciceI had a friend who had to play a little game with everyone he’d just meet. The game was called “Four to one” and it consisted of him posing a question with four possible answers, and the person answering had to list the answers in “four to one” order, four being his/her least favorite option, and one being, obviously, option number one.

His first “four to one” question was always the same: “Which of the following girls/guys would you most like to spend your life with?” And the options are:

1) A girl who’s so beautiful, your heart stops at the sight of her (not literally). A girl so beautiful you feel adrenaline running through your body when you watch that perfection. But, she’s so horrible in bed, you don’t even feel like sex anymore…

2) An ugly girl. So ugly you’re disgusted to look at her. But you’ve never had anything even remotely exciting as sex with her. The things she does in bed… it’s heaven.

3) An ordinary girl. Plain looks, sex with a passing grade, not particularly amusing, but not too irritating either. Just someone to be around.,

4) The most interesting, talented, beautiful, exciting, kind, smart, funny, amazing person on the entire planet. Conversations with her almost give you an orgasm. She’s someone to get advice from, to listen to with awe, to laugh at her wonderfully entertaining stories, to spend time with and never get bored. And she’s crippled; completely numb from the waist down, can’t use her legs, can’t have sex…

You can pose any question you want, like: “Who’d you like to spend a day with?” (Woody Allen, Madonna, David Lynch, Charlize Theron), anything you can think of, but it seems like this original question my friend was asking remained the most popular.

I started doing the same thing with my friends and acquaintances. After I’d pose the question, I’d wait for the answers eagerly and excitedly, as if the order of options will reveal some new universe to me, but after I’d receive a reply, I’d never know what it meant or what to do with it.

Now your question is maybe, what does this have to do with literature? I don’t know, for me, this is a whole little story in itself.